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  The British Columbia Waldorf
Teacher Training Programme.

This teacher-training programme is being run under the aegis of the West Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy (WCI). This programme of professional teacher-training for Waldorf Education, informed by the seminal work of Rudolf Steiner, is offered to those who seek to deepen their understanding of the experiences which life brings them, and to so prepare and develop themselves that they can become worthy carriers of the culturally renewing impulses of our time, within which the work of the Waldorf teacher is an essential activity.

This is a four-year, part-time programme that involves a three week session each summer, plus a one-week session in the Fall and a one-week session in the Spring.

Artwork by Waldorf Graduate and Greeting Card designer Christina V. Price.
More information on this training programme is available by clicking on the downloadable file link below

You can also visit the website of the West Coast Institute by clicking on the following link.