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Twelve Common Misunderstandings about Waldorf Education - A Guide for Parents - by Colin Price

Experienced Waldorf class teacher Colin Price describes in this little booklet twelve common misunderstandings that many parents have experienced, when approaching this education for the first time. This is a most helpful booklet to have in any enrolment office for enquiring parents. The answers give a good overview of how twelve typical questions that have been brought up over the years, may be handled.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-0-5     48 pages     Item 180     $6.95 US.

Child Development, Inner Awakening and Personal Morality - by Colin Price

These six lectures, given originally to parents and teachers of the Waldorf School community in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, deal with the hidden nature of the child, the Waldorf curriculum, questions of human destiny, and with the eradication of the sense of morality in children today. These are introductory lectures suitable for parents and others for whom Waldorf Education may be new.

55 pages     Item 171     $8.95 US.

Into Which Class Should a Child be Placed? - by Colin Price

This little study, based on insights gained from Anthroposophy, was written in 1989 when the author was on a tour of several Waldorf schools in the pacific northwest. In the course of his visits, he frequently came across this question, which was asked by parents, teachers and others. His research here shows that it is very important to find a proper basis for answering this important question, especially for the so-called normal child.

Item 170     20 pages     $6.95 US.

Shadow Drawing and Projection - Preparation for the Lessons on Perspective - by Colin Price

This inspiring booklet describes the importance to children of the experiences they can undergo when their love of drawing is combined with the discipline that comes from doing exact and precise work. The author deals with the necessary preliminary work in the early classes, which lays a foundation for the study of perspective. He then leads the reader helpfully through a series of 37 illustrative exercises, to reveal just how these lessons can be approached.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-1-2     Item 160     56 pages     $10.95 US.

Dionysius the Areopagite and the School of Athens
- by Colin Price

This is the second in a series of booklets on "Influential Moments in History." Here, the author shows why Rudolf Steiner described this individuality as the veritable founder of all later esoteric schooling in the west. He depicts that momentous meeting between Dionysius and Paul of Tarsus on the Areopagus in Greece, and how the destinies of these two significant figures became linked.

Item 151     22 pages     $6.95 US.

Pythagoras and the School of Cortona - by 
                                                            Colin Price

This is the first in a series of booklet studies on the theme of "Influential Moments in History." The author describes Pythagoras' early life, his intense search for the meaning of life,his journeys to many distant lands, and the founding of his great esoteric school in southern Italy. An especially interesting description is given of the four degrees of spiritual training that his pupils had to undergo. His death at the hands of the followers of a jealous would-be pupil whom he had refused to accept into his school, ends this brief study.

Item 150     38 pages     $7.95 US.

John Mark and the School of Alexandria - by  
                                                               Colin Price

This is the third in a series of booklets on "Influential Moments in History." It describes the life of the writer of the Gospel of St. Mark. An account is given of the founding of the great city of Alexandria, the involvement of the later church fathers, the meeting of Mark with Paul of Tarsus, the girl with the prophesying spirit, the sorcerer Bar-Jesus, and finally Mark's martyrdom. An interesting description is also included of changes that were made to the original text of the Mark Gospel by no less a figure than Clement of Alexandria himself, whose writings were themselves later turned down by the developing Christian church.

Item 152     36 pages     $7.95 US.