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The Art of Writing Songs for Children - by Colin Price

This practical book, written by the composer of the Waldorf songbook "Let's Sing and Celebrate!" is designed for those who would like to learn to write their own songs for children, yet who have no more than an elementary familiarity with music notation. This do-it-yourself workbook has fourteen lessons with corresponding worksheets. A special section is devoted to the use of the outstanding music notation software "Sibelius." This is a well structured companion that will prove how easy it is to write your own songs for children.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-2-9  Item 141  160 pages    $23.95 US.
Colombus, the Musical - by Colin Price

This intriguing middle-school musical comedy depicts the enigmatic early life of Christopher Columbus, his little known connection with the Templar Order, and a wonderful assortment of loveable and dislikeable characters with who he comes into contact, some of whom are even unknown to historians! One of the highlights concerns three girls who stow away on the ship. This fast, fun-filled musical has thirteen lively song-and-dance routines, and a piano accompaniment is included. This production will be much enjoyed.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-6-7  Item 132  138 pages   $23.95 US.

Let's Sing and Celebrate! - by Colin Price  

Here is a beautiful collection of entirely original songs for children and young people in grades one through twelve. This is a great resource book for class teachers and music teachers because the grade appropriateness of each song is given. There are seasonal songs, birthday songs, rounds and canons, festival songs, and many others. This book is the perfect resource for time-challenged teachers. A piano accompaniment is given for the songs for the older classes, and the appendix is packed with relevant information.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-9-8  Item 101  222 pages   $24.95 US.
Let's Do a Play! - Eleven Class Plays for Grades 1-5
                                                                    - by Colin Price

This collection of class plays for grades 1-5 is taken from the author's own practice as a Waldorf class teacher. Each of these plays has been tried and tested with classes. These plays are grouped in easy-to-find categories, and some include the story behind the play. Material has been taken from several cultures, and musical excerpts are included. The appendix contains nearly 300 such plays that are available, and their sources are mentioned to make access easy. This is a valuable resource book for all class teachers and dramatists. 

ISBN 978-0-9720913-4-3  Item 121  256 pages   $24.95 US.

The Duchess' Bath - Two Hilarious Days in the Life of Leonardo da Vinci - by Colin Price

In this musical comedy for middle school students, the pages of history open up, and out step an assortment of characters all ready to let you share in their foibles. From the mature genius of Leonardo to the innocence of his apprentices, from the ebullient Matron to the romantic Selena, the life of this wonderful Renaissance time comes alive, conveyed on the wings of song and dance. This is a highly recommended musical that has lots of humour in it.

ISBN 978-0-9720913-5-0  Item 131  140 pages   $23.95 US.