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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we give discounts for multiple orders on books, booklets and greeting cards. The first 9 books or booklets are offered at list price, but orders greater than 9 receive appropriate discounts. These discounts are most helpful when purchasing a quantity of books for a class or organization, for instance. Please note that discounts cannot be applied to combinations of more than one book or booklet title. This however does not apply to our greeting cards. See the Discounts section.

Yes we do. Just go to the "Booklets" page of this site. You will find them there.

In addition to having distributors in different countries, we have a number of prominent outlets that carry our publications, including Baker & Taylor (USA), IB Publications Pty Ltd (Australia), Mandragore (Canada), AWSNA Publications (USA), Bob and Nancy's Bookstore (USA), and Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore (USA).