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This latest version of our major Anthroposophical Reference Companion 2013 has over 1,500 pages, and it is a most useful research tool for all students of Anthroposophy.

We are pleased to include the exceptional publications of Pegasus Publishing, a company located in the same fine city of Kelowna, B.C.

In less than a second you can go straight to.....
a)   any one of the thousands of lectures that Rudolf Steiner ever gave.
b)   a complete listing of all the dates when he lectured in any given city.
c)   all the references to any given subject you might wish to research.
d)   all the different publications in which a given lecture has appeared.
e)   the many different translations made over the years, and by whom.
f)    the publication history of any written work or lecture.
g)   the different titles of a given lecture, to see if you might have it already.
h)   a search by date, year, subject, format, GA number, word or phrase.
i)    when, where or to whom a given lecture was given.
j)    any magazine or periodical publication of a lecture, article or essay.
k)   a listing of all the other lectures in a given series, even non-sequential ones.
m)  a listing of published lectures by either magazine or newsletter format.
n)   a listing of subjects within a given lecture.

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You may download the limited version of the 2012 edition of this major reference work FREE by clicking on the link below. The full 2013 edition of over 1,500 pages will be provided to registered users only.

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