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Get a FREE PayPal account and enjoy the
benefits of secure membership.

Privacy - Protection - Prevention
Once you are a member of PayPal, you can:
1.  Choose to pay for products using your credit card, debit card or bank account.
2.  Make secure purchases without revealing your credit card number or financial  information.
3.  Shop using PayPal on eBay, and with thousands of other merchants worldwide.
4.  Receive invoices from us in your email, and pay immediately from your email.
It's fast!   It's private!   It's global!   It's easy!   It's trusted!   It's cost-effective!
How does PayPal work?

You do not have to be in business yourself to use PayPal. Paypal is used to authorize the sending and receiving of payments through the internet. Once you sign up for a FREE account, you can arrange for the money transfers online. When you transfer money, you can choose to fund your payment from your PayPal account balance, a credit card or your bank account. We are then notified via an email from PayPal that your payment has been received.

With a FREE PayPal account, how would you proceed to make a purchase on this site?
1.  Click on the PayPal button beside the publication or product you wish to purchase.
2.  Choose to fund your purchase with a credit card, bank account or other source.
3.  Your funds in the amount you specified are transfered securely through PayPal, and the money is deposited into the Songbird Press PayPal account.
4.  Upon notification from PayPal of your payment, we ship out your order within 24 hours.

Click on the link below to go directly to the PayPal website to sign up for a FREE account.